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Obvious ingredients with imported fish meal value
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PostPost subject: Obvious ingredients with imported fish meal value
Posted: 15-08-2022 3:38:17
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Come to see the ingredients with value.
1. More than 95%, it is very helpful to the breeding of young animals. Also, adding laying hens has a high digestibility of egg-laying powder. Therefore, many farmers add 11-2% of imported fish to the feed, and eggs are used to improve the quality of the feed. The egg production rate and the prolongation of the egg production rate cycle have been proved by practice, and the effect is very obvious.
2. The protein balance of imported fish meal is ideal for more raw materials: imported high-quality fish meal protein is 70% to 85% of 70% to 85%; imported fish meal is composed of the most common varieties, with rich and high content and stable poultry The daily high-quality animal-soybean meal has very good nutrient components for grain production, which has a nutritionally balanced and beneficial effect on the feed, improves the survival rate of adult chickens, and the survival rate of large laying hens.
3. Imported fish meal has high energy content: fish meal contains high fat, and imported fish meal contains about 10% fat, and some are as high as 15%. Due to the high digestion and absorption rate of fishmeal, fishmeal can provide a large amount of energy for laying hens, especially when the feed intake of laying hens is reduced during the peak egg laying period or under stressful conditions, adding a small amount of imported fishmeal can play a very important role. Significant improvement.See the wet type fish feed pellet machine.
4. Imported fish meal has high calcium and phosphorus content: fish meal contains 3.8% to 7% calcium, 2.76% to 3.5% phosphorus, and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 1.4 to 2:1. The better the quality of fish meal, the higher the phosphorus content. The phosphorus sources are all animal-derived phosphorus sources, so the utilization rate is very high, and the absorption rate can reach 100%, which is self-evident for the effect of laying hens.
In addition, imported fishmeal contains high trace elements and rich B vitamins, so many farmers and large farms have been adding imported fishmeal to their young livestock and poultry, breeding chickens and breeding pigs, no matter how high the price of fishmeal is. to ensure good production performance.
According to the performance-price ratio, if the price ratio of soybean meal and fish meal is within 2:1, imported fish meal has a strong use value. The price of fishmeal is around 7,200 yuan/ton. Therefore, the use value of imported fishmeal has been paid more and more attention by everyone. Many feed factories and farmers have begun to purchase large quantities of fishmeal to replace part of soybean meal, so as to improve feed quality and aquaculture production performance.

Come to see the fish feed making machine for production line.

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