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Shrimp farming management
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PostPost subject: Shrimp farming management
Posted: 11-05-2022 6:24:05
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It is especially important to choose safe and efficient cleaning products for soil ponds that cannot be covered with film and cultivation areas with poor drainage and water conditions, such as Zhanjiang and Qinbeifang. "The seedlings are not mixed, and the shrimp will become blind." Wild miscellaneous will not only directly affect the survival rate of shrimp seedlings, but also grab the feed, increase the feed ratio, and increase the cost of breeding. At present, the products for cleaning impurities are mainly tea dry, which has the characteristics of good cleaning effect and high safety.
After the water is disinfected and detoxified, 3 days before the seedlings are released, use the four-piece fertilizer and water solution mainly customized by Yumeikang for white shrimp breeding, which can not only cultivate excellent water quality, but also have a continuous source of energy. Provide abundant and palatable bait for shrimp fry. The program has been promoted in the shrimp market for many years and has been highly recognized by customers.
Continuous seedling protection
Because the smaller the shrimp fry, the more frequent and irregular the molting, the whole pond should use high-energy calcium lactate and multivitamins once on the night of the seedling placement, and then use it again the next day. Use it every other day, 2-3 times in a row. Improve the physique of shrimp seedlings, supplement calcium and trace elements in time, continue to protect seedlings, and ensure the smooth progress of molting. Reduce the loss caused by unsuccessful molting.
Water quality stability is the key to protecting seedlings. Use filter bait peptides every day or every other day after seedling placement, in small amounts and multiple times, to ensure the continuous stability of water quality. According to the change of water color, it can be used flexibly with compound bacteria and algae. Hope you can come to lima for a look.
Vibrio Control
One week after the seedlings are released, a preventive and control work on Vibrio should be done. It is recommended to use high-content biological bacteriostatic agents to control Vibrio in water. Professional biological antibacterial, safe and efficient.
After releasing the seedlings, we must do a good job of protecting the seedlings and help the shrimp seedlings to pass the "dangerous period" of the first 10 days. Only in this way can we better meet the next challenge - the liver transformation period.
The pathogenesis of bacterial sepsis is mainly caused by the invasive pathogenic source of bacteria. When the situation is more serious in the fish group, emergency sterilization control with western medicine should be used, and then the traditional Chinese medicine conditioning treatment of invigorating the spleen, appetizing, nourishing blood and nourishing qi should be used to prevent and control fish. Dependence on western medicine antibiotics. At the same time of treatment, it is also necessary to provide nutritional support for the internal body of the fish, enhance immunity, and prevent the fish from re-infecting bacterial sepsis.
In addition, controlling the breeding density, regularly disinfecting the breeding ponds, and maintaining good water quality are the keys to reducing the occurrence of diseases. Due to the rising water temperature, summer is a period of frequent occurrence of bacterial diseases. During this period, farmers should pay attention to observation. Once abnormal fish is found, the pathogen should be diagnosed in time and treated with medicine.

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