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Hairstyle --Straight Wigs For Winter In Yolissa Hair
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PostPost subject: Hairstyle --Straight Wigs For Winter In Yolissa Hair
Posted: 19-02-2021 4:41:37
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Recently, believe most people have felt the cold winter, everyone should get an easy-care hair wig for winter. Above all, I would recommend the straight wig. It is an amazing hair wig. Why it is the best hairstyle for winter? What kind of styles of straight wigs you can choose? How to care for straight hair wigs in winter? We will solve all the problems for you today, please kindly read on.
1.Straight Wigs Are Easy To Maintain In Winter
When the weather turns cold and dry, hair wigs will develop static problems. The hair looks even much more dim and dull during the winter, because the static causes dryness and friction. By contrast, straight hair is the easiest one to take care of.

2.Yolissa Hair Straight Wigs Recommendation
1)613 Wig Straight Lace Frontal
As the most popular color of straight hair colored wigs, 613 blonde has its own unique features. The shining and clean blonde hair can frame girls’ faces and gave them sensuality and youth. When the blonde hair cascade over people’s shoulders, the lovely princess comes out.

2)Straight Long Lace Front Wigs
13x4 lace front wigs are one of the most good-selling lace wigs. These wigs have a wide lace width that can cover people’s forehead from ear to ear that can make the hairline more real and natural. Available long hair length also can do a good job keeping people warm in winter.
3)Straight 13x6 Long Lace Front Wigs
13x6 lace front wigs are similar to 13x4 lace front wigs. The biggest difference is the length of hair parting. 13x6 lace front wigs have deeper parting space than 13x4 lace front wigs, so it will be easier to do more hairstyles. Like side-part, the 6 inches deep parting space will have a better effect than the 4 inches deep one.

4)Straight Human Hair Headband Wigs
Besides straight lace wigs, we also have other hair wigs that are also amazing. Like straight headband wigs. The headband wigs don’t have lace on and easy to install. Youtuber HYPNOTICLAADYY recommends, only need to 2 minutes to install and also easy to take off. The price is also affordable than lace wigs.

5)Straight 13x4 & 13x6 HD Lace Front Wigs
Yolissa Hair HD lace wigs with thin, light, and high definition lace can make the hairline more invisible and match all skins. Includes HD 13x4 and 13x6 lace front wigs, 5x5 and 6x6 HD lace closure wigs.
Also, every HD wigs order can get an extra $30 discount with code “HDWIG” and even a luxurious gift pack!

6)Besides all the above straight hair wigs, we also have other straight types: 360 straight lace front wigs, 370 straight lace front wigs, full lace straight wigs, 4x4 straight lace closure wigs, 5x5 straight lace closure wig, 6x6 straight lace closure wigs.
3.How To Care For Straight Hair Wigs In Winter
1)Maintain The Wigs Moisture
Some experts say people can add moisture to the hair by using certain oils. All hair wigs need moisture to restore their natural shine, beauty, and to stay healthy. Choosing the correct hair oil is effective to supply moisture, improve hair toughness, reduce the furcal and cracking phenomena, and straighten hair.
2)Air Dry Wigs
Heated styling tools and hot blow dryers both can do damage to your wigs. You should allow the straight wigs to air dry after washing.
3)Take Care of Tangles
In winter, hair wigs are easily getting knots and tangles, people need to pay more attention to take care of them. Brushing the wigs gently, we suggest using a wide-tooth comb or fingers. Combing out the wigs to make it shinier, smoother, softer, thicker, and more manageable.

Have Fun!

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