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Voice’s ground tone

It’s the ground-frequency, expressed in hertz (Hz), which characterizes the voice tone of every person: it corresponds to one of the 12 notes in which is divided the musical octave. To every tonica are associated particular general features of personality and character. When we are calm and quiet we are in our tonica, that is physically placed in the navel. Every emotion changes the point where is our consciousness, altering the natural state of quiet. By the moment in which the tonica is fixed (in the adolescence age), it will be the same till the menopause and andropause.

In interpersonal relations the tonica plays a very important role, having influence on relationship quality: many psychological problems may be recognised and resolved just working on the tonica.

It’s possible, with particular Nada-Yoga techniques, to stabilize our tonica, making positive aspects of character stronger, improving general psychophysical efficiency and contributing to the progress on spiritual path.


Nada-Yoga course provides one individual session of 45 minutes for recording personal tonic note. In the end you can have a scheme and a practical guide (CD) to do the techniques on your own frequency: in this way it will be possible to work with great precision, increasing very much the efficiency of all the exercises.

For a better development of the session it’s useful to predispose yourself to the tonica recording after ten minutes of silence and tranquillity. It will be requested you to:

1. Seat in a comfortable way on a chair, with a straight but relaxed bust 2. Close your eyes and keep them closed for all the time of the recording

3.Concentrate in particular points of the body, according to the instructions.

4.Speak, as requested, with short spontaneous sentences in the habitually used language, without intellectuality or inquiring anything.

In the end of the session it will be assigned you your tonic note, with the analysis of general aspects of personality, individual potential and the explanation of the other influent notes of your voice.

A CD will help you as a guide to practice with the fundamental techniques of Nada Yoga, using correctly your personal tonic note. If necessary, you will suggested to use specific musical scales and techniques for your problems. In the CD you will also find some tracks with the most important and helpful musical scales of South India (Melakarta): so it will be easier to sing them by yourself in a correct way.


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