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Nada, in sanskrit, means vibration, that is sound: Nada Yoga is a musictherapy discipline from India and Tibet, which uses sound, music and physical consciousness, in order to bring harmony and balance between body, mind and spirit, resolving or relieving many psychological, physical and physiological problems in a natural way.

We can find Nada Yoga theoretical foundations in very ancient treatises (Gandharva Veda, Upanishad, Naradiya Shiksha, Sangita Ratnakara ecc.), in which was formulated a general theory of sound on mathematical, physical and metaphysical bases. In recent times the famous musician and musictherapist Vemu Mukunda, from Bangalore, has developed a very interesting system, based on the so called “Tonica”.

Nada Yoga fundamental basis is the Tonica, the ground frequency (different for every person), upon which are planned all the techniques, that include the use of voice and elementary chant: the first result is reaching the mind making it quiet and free from emotions and intellectual inhibitions (unconditioned mind).

Then the use of proper mantras (sonor vibrations which act the correct and functional movement of prana with consequent energy redistribution) and specific musical scales taken from Melakarta South Indian pattern (based and performed on personal tonic note), permits to touch particular points of physical and psycho-etherical body (nadi) and of emotional sphere (shrutis), removing from subconscious the negative energy blocks, converting them into positive for autotherapeutical purposes and for improving creativity.

Nada Yoga allows us to find and use Natural Rhythm, (also different for each person), by which is possible to make every activity with a specific resting rhythm, very useful for physical resistance and mental lucidity. Particular rhythm phonetic techniques induce a strong neurosensorial activation which increases cerebral synapses, improving attention, concentration, memory and intelligence.

Strictly musictherapeutic techniques are moreover enriched by a series of exercises that allow a progressive development of mental strenght for activation and distribution of ionic energy, helpful for alignment and reinforcement of human body’s electromagnetic fields: this promotes blood circulation, works on bones and muscular structures, slows down the cellular aging process and secures a valid physical and mental protection. At last, training with meditation exercises, by Overtones Singing practice, allows to get a particular mind rest state (niroda) equivalent to that you can reach only in a special sleeping level (delta brain waves).


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