The feeding effect of pellets on cattle
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At present, the world’s livestock production is undergoing industrial restructuring, the development of the Ruminantia will be given greater attention; the changes in the diet of the residents require more beef, mutton and dairy products on the table. The development of Ruminantia farming and house raising of livestock requires sufficient feed pellets resources, among which the yield of crop straw is very popular, which is a great potential feed pellets resource for Ruminantia, as the nutrient content of crop straw is low, the effect of direct feeding is poor.

Alfalfa, known as “King of Herbage”, is a high-quality herb for all kinds of domestic animals,like cattle. It is widely cultivated and popular all over the world. Due to the characteristics of fresh alfalfa,cattle can not eat fresh or just-harvested alfalfa, which is a great restriction on the use of alfalfa. Fresh alfalfa juice contains about 70% ~ 80% , and the juice is rich in micronutrients, vitamins and free amino acids. The mixture of fresh alfalfa and crop straw is made into cattle feed pellets. On the one hand, the juice of alfalfa is fully utilized, on the other hand, the palatability of crop straw was improved, the density of straw feed was increased, the feed intake was increased, and the weight gain of cattle and sheep was improved.

Comparative Experiment of Testing the Effect of Cattle Feed Pellets
Some people have done the following contrast experiment to the effect of cattle feed pellets. The feed consists of corn straw powder, corn powder, cottonseed meal, wheat bran, fresh alfalfa, additives and so on. The control group sun-dried and crushed alfalfa and other feed together to form a powder.

The feed of the test group was processed into pellet feed, and that of the control group was fed powder feed. The average daily dry feed of the two groups was 10.33 kg.

After 30 days of feeding, the cattle in the test group and the control group had no disease and grew normally. However, the cattle fed with pellet feed gained 4.32 kg more weight in 30 days than the control group, and the average daily gain was 134 g higher, or 9.52% higher. The feed conversion ratio of cattle feed with pellet feed was increased by 8.68%.Hope you can go to see the flat die chicken feed pellet machine.
In addition, the time of common feed intake was determined to be 60 ~ 90 minutes each time, and the time of feeding pellet feed was 45 ~ 60 minutes. The time of feeding was reduced by 30% ~ 50% . It was also found that the cattle fed on pellet feed had a good appetite and a fast feeding speed, which indicated that the pellet feed had good palatability to animals. And welcome to see our lima feed machine.

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