Basics of a Moving Estimate
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Basics of a Moving Estimate: Keep Track of Important Details

Getting a moving estimate from movers and various van lines is an important step for any local or interstate move. These estimates will help customers choose the best company that will most likely suit their individual needs. However, remember that there are different types of moving cost estimates to begin with. Be sure to know what you are getting and understand the particulars of the cost estimates that are provided to you.

Moving Cost Estimates: Local Move vs. Interstate Move

There are very basic differences with the quotes that customers get from local versus interstate moving companies. To begin with, note that interstate movers are required by law to provide their customers with moving cost estimates that are based on weight, which is far more accurate compared to making estimates based on cubic feet.

On the other hand, a local moving company will usually provide a moving quote that is based on an Packers and Movers Ludhiana hourly rate. Note that other factors will also affect the moving cost estimates provided to customers. An example of which is the availability of elevators in the building and the lifting/transferring of customer equipment and furniture to another floor.

Binding and Non-Binding Moving Cost Estimates

Another thing that people should remember is that state to state moving companies will also offer two types of moving cost estimates. The first type is called a non-binding moving cost estimate and the second type is called a binding estimate. Understanding the difference between these two moving estimates will be an important thing to consider when weighing the different bits of information provided by different state to state movers.

First off, a binding estimate is usually made in advance or prior to the actual move and it acts as a type of agreement or contract. Given this nature, a binding estimate holds both the moving company and the customer legally bound by the charges and costs that have already been estimated and calculated by the moving company. This estimate guarantees and predetermines the total cost to be paid by the customer, which is a bit of convenience for many people.

On the other hand, customers can view a non-binding estimate a simple estimate of the possible costs that can be incurred during a move. This estimate will be detailed, just like a binding estimate. This estimate will be based on the weight of the shipment that needs to be transported plus any additional services requested or required by the customer such as storage, fuel charges, and inside deliver among others.

Note that a non-binding estimate does not have the same force of a contract or legal agreement. However, it should be considered as pretty accurate. Once the non-binding estimate has been furnished, customers should be prepared to pay at least ten percent more after seeing the estimated figures. Customers will have a pretty Packers and Movers Ahmedabad good idea of the costs they will incur from a particular mover.

In a non-binding estimate, the mover will basically come over to the residence of the customer and will survey the items that need to be transported. Customers will be required to pay for the services after the move. In contrast, customers may be required to pay for the cost of a binding moving estimate after they have been furnished with this information.

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