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Your Questions Answered About World Of Warcraft
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PostPost subject: Your Questions Answered About World Of Warcraft
Posted: 05-05-2022 1:33:04
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Your Questions Answered About World Of Warcraft

After Blizzard Entertainment’s recent reveal of the ninth World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, gamers had plenty of questions. We asked a few of WoW’s lead narrative designer, Steve Danuser, and lead combat designer, Brian Holinka.To get more news about Buy WoW WLK Gold, you can visit lootwowgold.com official website.

Dragonflight is likely a 2023 title, given that Shadowlands has another patch and another season to get through before any new expansion could launch. Its story centers around the return of the dragons, who we last saw losing their powers at the end of Cataclysm. It’ll take place on Azeroth, in a new set of zones called the Dragon Isles, and include a new playable race (the Dracthyr) and a new class unique to that race, the caster-and-healer Evoker.
Steve Danuser: We have not forgotten about that sword. It still remains a symbol of the calamity that ensued in the battle against the Legion and Sargeras. And obviously in Battle for Azeroth, we saw the effects on the planet as that sword triggered the manifestation of Azerite deposits springing up throughout the world.

While that has subsided, that sword remains a symbol. I would say that’s something to keep an eye on and be watching for. It’s a story thread that we’ll return to when the time is right, but rest assured, we remember that the sword is there and there will be a story to tell about it and what effects it continues to have upon the world.

Danuser: In terms of his appearance, Wrathion is going to maintain his [image as a] handsome neer-do-well-ish kind of a guy who can make some questionable choices in the things that he’s done over the years.

He is really young in dragon terms and he has a very unusual origin. He was the fusion of dragon eggs mixed with outside influences. He consumed the heart of Lei Shen, which was brimming with Titan energy. So he has a very unusual origin story. And he’s one of only a couple black dragons left on Azeroth that we know about him and Ebonhorn. So Wrathion’s got a journey of his own.Danuser: We know that he’s been looking for the Dragon Isles, he’s been seeking them out for a while, because he has this hunger within him. He has this feeling that he is a descendant of Deathwing and that he has in some way to make up for the fractured legacy that Deathwing left behind and what it did, decimating not only the black dragonflight, but other flights as well.

So Wrathion feels that burden of reclaiming the black dragonflight from the ashes of what it was. He fancies himself as someone who could take up the reigns of leadership and guide it forward. Now that point of view isn’t exactly going to be shared by all of the other dragons. Certainly they would have questions about the methods he’s used and wondering about his origins and what that means for him as a dragon. So Wrathion has a great journey ahead.

He’s going to remain dashing and all of that, but we’ll see a much more personal side to him as well, as he faces some of these questions about himself and about his dragonflight.
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